Heaven On EaRth

Its Been Lyk 3 yrs almost but the memories of the place i consider as Heaven on Earth lie clear in my mind.The beauty of the building that always reminded me of the taj mahal, the clear marbel like a palace built for someone , well definately it is heaven on earth my school The Daly College,Indore.After spending my life's most important 12 years in DC(short form for Daly College) i guess it was practically impossible to dream about a life so harsh so very different from what i had lived in school.The early morning blues followed by the long bus journey from home to school,the crispy well ironed school uniform and the chirpy landing at school, the walk to the classroom followed by lotssa gossip and den the morning line up which was always followed by grumbling which arose due to the boring mornin assembly everything was just so perfect and just so sweet.All this makes me nostalgic. Everyone seemed so innocent but yet so notorious.

Standing at this point in life i never really thought i'd want school life to return so desperately.Everything was so perfect.It kinda seemed like bruised knees are always better than broken hearts.The teachers about whom so much was said, the desks we used to fondly clean like it was our own private and personal space and the locks of which were broken by unidentified people and all the hidden food articles would disappear, well how i miss just everything about school. The really tasty food of the DC mess specially the chicken.This reminds me that usually on mondays everyone used to ditch god and look towards getting the leg piece in the chicken and so while the prayer was said everyones eyes used to be glued to the chicken bowl.

The pranks, the cheering, the geering everything is missed so much ...never thought world outside DC was so different so much like a tragic story where words like trust, faith, friendship, humanity meant practically nothing and all people thought was how to get there job done by hook or by crook.I remember we had studied a poem ,i'm nt too sure about the name but it was about how people tend to live an emotionless life , that really falls so true for the world we live in, then we were taught to help others, to care for people and the world we live in seems so different and so secluded from all these feelings . Seems like people just live and live and live but at some instance have forgotten what it means to live.

whenever i move out and someone new to me gets to know that i am a dalian they form a view that i am a very spoilt person all credits to a lot of people who think being a dalian gives them a right to be rude to throw money and keeps them high above others. But actually Daly College really is like heaven on earth having the most amazing campus , the most loving teachers and everything just so perfect that even if someone wants they can never forget DC.

i guess there arent words to express how much i treasure my school,the time spent there the friends i had , not a day goes without thinking about the amount i used to grumble abt things at school like the early line ups,the long school hours,the 8 lectures in a day , the uniform of which everything i miss now ...really wish someone pinched me and i would wake up to find the same people the same teachers shouting for sleepin in class but then life moves on doesnt it ..i guess am just very grateful to my parents that i got to go to DC and to all those people who have made a difference in my life from my teachers to my friends......i guess i can never stop writing about my school the late evening functions ,the yummy samosas,the teachers day celebrations,the football grounds,the busy people ,....practically like a smaller world in a larger one....not to forget the cultural feast the most awaitied cultural feast the speciality of the doon guyz for the gurlz and the mayo and rkc gurls for the guyz..... the mixing of so many students the cultural events the excitement on winning and not to forget the yummy food of the DC mess ..... there really isnt an end to the amount i can write but i guess am at a loss of words ..... so tats all for now just the way i started my life at DC the same way am starting my blog with a post of the place i consider above eveything.