LIfEz BeauTiful...

Well really dont know how to define love everyone says lifes beautiful but is it really tat beautiful..being optimistic is gud but not facing realities with the excuse of being optimistic is dumb..when leaving school i really was so optimistic so happy tat soon i would step into a real world but if the real world is such tat people haven forgotten the meaning of humanity..people r highly selfish...people r with u till ur happy and then wen ur sad tey change company...and tat too those people u call FRIENDS.....
i guess lifes full of ups and downs and ii guess if there where only gud things in life maybe life wont be so challenging but i guess people really need to change there attitude just becoz everyone throws rubbish on the road and just becoz everyone else spits on the road doesnt mean u start off too instead we need people who would go and pick up tat rubbish and stop people from spitting on the road ... a world would be so much better if people really cooperated if tey had the courtsy of stopping to help get a person medical aid instead of for standing there and watching the show..if people didnt use u instead were thankful for all you did for them ... why do u love only those people who r ur own why not those who r as such humans why not take two minutes to stop by and take a person to the hospital u would do tat if tat person was ur own son daughter father mother etc is such a pity tat god gave u a heart but forgot to tell you wat feelings are ,forgot to tell u wat its like losing someone u love heartedly,forgot to tell you wat it feels like when u trust someone with ur heart and soul and tat same person talks behind ur back well i guess with so many things life sure doesnt seem doubt the world was created beautifully but its the people who r ruining it ... everyone here talks about attitude ...thinks they r classy but hello doesnt everyone think the same... doesnt everyone show there so called attitude but how r u different from others?think over it u r all the same ..u too have broken someones trust ..u too have betrayed someone... u too have been a witness to all that has happnedned in your city but never raised a voice to it....wwhy ? what happened to ur am not scared attitude..huh its just all fake
if you really wanna be unique common get up ,awaken coz ur country calls for u ,nature calls for u nature has done its duty and is still doing it but now its ur turn wake up fight or the hard right against the easy wrong,dont take shortcuts to sucess work hard ... dont close ur eyes towards evil.....


Well this is one of the days am really thinking a lot.A variety of mixed emotions all involving love,friendship,success, failure,happiness etc.I am kinda confused . I am 20 years old and till yet i aint able to figure out the true meaning of a lot of words.Well i know the dictionary has the meaning but i mean although a few things i have experienced but as yet i am not really sure what they mean.
I mean as a CAT aspirant(which i was last yr) i always heard this word SUCCESS a lot.But every person has a different definition to this word.I really wanna know what it actually means.I mean is Success all about earning lot of money or success all about happiness or is it getting you're love because as per me i dont think any one has ever been success , i dont think there is a single person in this world who would be content and happy in every way i mean if someone has money maybe they dont have that happiness or if someone has happiness maybe they dont have the money and without money how can one be happy or is it a mixture of both.So what holds more priority money or happiness.Every elderly person i meet asks me have you got a plan, what does success mean to you , philosophically i guess sucess to me would be hapiness + money + love but is it literally possible.I mean i am not really sure if i make any sense but i think evry person is different in his/her own ways and evry person thus must be having a different choice of sucess but then how does one know what to them would mean sucess.Is getting 80% aggregate when u thought u would get 75% in you're graduation success..? Or is being with the person you love success? or is success only measured in monetary terms.Well thats one aspect to it. WOt About LOVe? Is going crazy for someone you like LOVE?? or what exactly is love.Definately by now every1 would have been in a relationship so how does one find out what love is???
There are so many questions that are unanswered and why is it that we dont have answers to them..? and when does and how does one find answers to them.???

I guess maybe if someone thought about it even they'd be as confused as i am.Unless some1s really sorted...

In this whole confusion i see only one way out and that is if humans had the answers to all the questions in life maybe life would be really boring and maybe if we knew evrytyn den we'd be god or maybe then there would not be a space for god to exsists.Maybe the true meaning of life really lies in small little things that go unnoticed in everyday life.Maybe this all is a plan , every person comes into this world with a plan , a plan unknown to him/her , a plan all worked out by some invisible power that although surrounds us but we cannot see it.So there comes only one word which can lead us to the true motives , the true meaning of life and that is -----------------------FAITH.

(p.s Faith is not only about believing in god its about believing in you're self , in a power that resides within you)

Independence-D true Meaning

15th August 1947, a day of pride and honour for each and every person who classifies himself as an Indian,As it Is celebrated as the day of India's Independence.

Independence,freedom,aazadi there are many terms that i can classify having the same meaning, the meaning of freedom,of release.But is it only a days celebration, only a formality for people, well i know people might think why i am so negative but truely am an optimist, a well wisher, a helper and i play many other roles in my day to day life.

Just a day before independence i see people buying the Indian flag in various forms like stickers, pins and many in the exact flag manner & just the next day after 15th august i see flags lying on the ground all torn and tattered, and people stepping on the flag, and infact i even see these candy filled flags comming now of which the kids eat of the candy and dump the flag into the dustbin. Well not every Indian must be having the spirit, the true spirit to fight for his country but i think for the people who actually fought for this independence, for those who didnt think even once for there own and fought for the common good, for those who gave there lives for this holy purpose it certainly is a matter of disrespect it is an anniversary of indian independence but people today are enjoying freedom at every instance , every day then why is it so difficult to not step on the flag, and not buy a flag only for the sake of the candy in it.

There can be even better ways of celebrating this independence day , maybe visit a village , or maybe make donations for a nobel cause, or maybe the money you spend on buying flags that you end of dumping the next day you can feed the hungry with it, even vollentiearing for helping in a hospital or maybe entertaining children in a blind school. Why is it that we celebrate independence for our ownself whereas we as such have made no contribution in it.

i even see really rich people travelling in there A.C cars and honking away to glory , because they have the independence to do so, people in big cars talking on the phone while driving hitting someone and not bothering to help after all they have independence, in the name of unity people start up donation camps and keep that money for there own good. but i definately do not think it is this independence we are actually referring to, i do not think it is this unity that we want.

I think every Indian should make an effort to make this a better place to live in and this can be done with the help of that independence.I think today we are not fighting against the british but we sure are fightin against a lot of issues the top most being the government and then terrorism.This is where we need to use terms like independence and Unity.

Jai Hind !!! Jai bharat..!!!