Well this is one of the days am really thinking a lot.A variety of mixed emotions all involving love,friendship,success, failure,happiness etc.I am kinda confused . I am 20 years old and till yet i aint able to figure out the true meaning of a lot of words.Well i know the dictionary has the meaning but i mean although a few things i have experienced but as yet i am not really sure what they mean.
I mean as a CAT aspirant(which i was last yr) i always heard this word SUCCESS a lot.But every person has a different definition to this word.I really wanna know what it actually means.I mean is Success all about earning lot of money or success all about happiness or is it getting you're love because as per me i dont think any one has ever been success , i dont think there is a single person in this world who would be content and happy in every way i mean if someone has money maybe they dont have that happiness or if someone has happiness maybe they dont have the money and without money how can one be happy or is it a mixture of both.So what holds more priority money or happiness.Every elderly person i meet asks me have you got a plan, what does success mean to you , philosophically i guess sucess to me would be hapiness + money + love but is it literally possible.I mean i am not really sure if i make any sense but i think evry person is different in his/her own ways and evry person thus must be having a different choice of sucess but then how does one know what to them would mean sucess.Is getting 80% aggregate when u thought u would get 75% in you're graduation success..? Or is being with the person you love success? or is success only measured in monetary terms.Well thats one aspect to it. WOt About LOVe? Is going crazy for someone you like LOVE?? or what exactly is love.Definately by now every1 would have been in a relationship so how does one find out what love is???
There are so many questions that are unanswered and why is it that we dont have answers to them..? and when does and how does one find answers to them.???

I guess maybe if someone thought about it even they'd be as confused as i am.Unless some1s really sorted...

In this whole confusion i see only one way out and that is if humans had the answers to all the questions in life maybe life would be really boring and maybe if we knew evrytyn den we'd be god or maybe then there would not be a space for god to exsists.Maybe the true meaning of life really lies in small little things that go unnoticed in everyday life.Maybe this all is a plan , every person comes into this world with a plan , a plan unknown to him/her , a plan all worked out by some invisible power that although surrounds us but we cannot see it.So there comes only one word which can lead us to the true motives , the true meaning of life and that is -----------------------FAITH.

(p.s Faith is not only about believing in god its about believing in you're self , in a power that resides within you)

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  1. funkyrave Says:

    Well.. here is the revelation of Neha the philosopher.True, faith keeps this world moving, a world full of idiosyncratic & different people. Grt post..
    Cheerio [:)]