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well i am a really social person as such, i tend to make friends fast and often when making friends atleast all my guy friends are obsessed with getting a girlfriend.so more or less when trying to know a person i often run this wierd quiz session of mine and theres this question what attributes do you look for in u're partner..?and the answer more or less lies in the same criteria and the criteria being she should be beautiful.and well same goes for the girls they want a handsome boyfriend.
when asked how do u define beauty probably i havent as yet come across any person who thinks beauty includes nature,character or  purity of the heart, its always looks.i kinda feel wierd when i listen to this because earlier people didnt look at the beauty thing from this aspect , i mean just because some1 doesnt have the looks does that characterise him/her as an ugly person and does that mean that factors like how a person is dont really matter.

well then i think probably every person who would want true love in his/her life should probably first check his or her face in the mirror.I kinda fail to understand how a person is responsible for his/her own looks.In many countries black people are considered beautiful and in others they are loathed or considered ugly.In china people actually use a lot of bleach so there skin can become pale which to them is beautiful and in countries like India people actually go to beaches to get tanned.
I kinda fail to understand if the true value of beauty is only about it being skin deep.The peacock is beautiful because it looks beautiful, but what about the koyal(bird) well it doesnt exactly look beautiful but it is infact but here because it has a beautiful voice.

I really think people today should broaden there perspective of the word beautiful.Everything today is beautiful , but beautiful to the person who wants to see it that way.Like its said - beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

To most people what i write could seem more like lectures and stuff, but i think in day to day life we often fail to notice a lot of things which could make a big difference in our lives, because what you give is what you get and i think if u set an example for people other people would follow and thus things could be better.

Maybe racism is something that started with a small spark and grew this big. I mean think of it if u're black u're beautiful for people in countries where its considered in general as a beautiful thing.but in other places white is what is beautiful.SO in places where a majority of whites exsist black isnt beautiful and thats where the colour difference arises.
See thats why people say small things make big differences.

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